LD Systems was conceived as a company that would design, and manufacture the best ground combat weapons and equipment in the world and deliver it through our global network of business partners to the finest combat and special operations forces around the world. Utilizing knowledge, experience, partnerships and friendships developed over the last 25 years in both military service and defense industry consulting experience, we have created an ever-growing, dependable and reliable source for the highest quality combat equipment with a special focus on soldier systems.

LD Systems utilizes a global supply chain to manufacture the best quality products for the budget that suits your needs.  We work to inform and educate our customers by helping you understand the technical aspects of combat equipment.

LD Systems provides equipment in eight product line categories from Individual Combat Equipment to Combat Vehicles and Accessories. All of this with full service and support options to meet the requirements of units in all corners of the world. LD Systems is focused on providing equipment solutions to 18 countries in the Middle East and Latin American regions by working directly with end users and with the help of our local Agent partners in each country.

Whether you’re a member of a military, a government purchaser, or local agent, we can meet all of your equipment requirements.  Don’t see something you need?  Just ask.  We are constantly engineering and manufacturing new products, and likely have a solution. We are always ready to help you fill any requirement you might have.