This course introduces the principles and fundamentals of Close Quarters Battle. It is the perfect training for support personnel that are attached to Special Forces ODA’s and NSW SEAL Task Units. It begins with two-man room clearing and progresses to multi team multi-room CQB. To attend this course the student is required to attend a three-day marksmanship course first. Hallways and Stairwells are NOT covered in this course. This course is specifically geared for the support personnel of a USSOCOM unit. This course begins as a simmunitions/air-soft course and evolves to live –fire maneuver. Unit risk assessments will need to be completed before training starts and all Individual Combat Gear will be used.
This course is for the SFODA or SEAL Troop that has already been trained in the principals and Fundamentals of CQB and just needs to keep its skills at a high level. It will begin with simmunitions or air-soft and progress quickly to live fire. This course starts with FOUR-man room clearing and moves to multi-team multi-structure CQB depending on the unit skills and needs. Hallways and stairwells are covered but, no EXPLOSIVE breaching. Flash-bangs can be incorporated if the unit has a need. All individual KIT will be utilized and some force on force Simms training will take place.
This course is the follow up to the five day ADVANCED COURSE. This course is designed for the unit that has a need for interdicting vehicles while moving but not killing its occupants. This course utilizes real vehicles and air-soft or simmunitions and lots of force on force training. The unit is able to design its course based on its AO. Sedans, Pick-up Trucks and Vans can be used. There is no driving instruction given in this course so students will need to already have PIT and down driver training.
This course is a preparation program designed for a follow on technical surveillance course. It covers the basic methods of foot, vehicle, fixed-point surveillance and counter-surveillance techniques. This is an intense short duration course that is 90% field exercises with classroom presentations and practical application immediately following. This course then dovetails into the technical surveillance course and reinforces the need for good basic surveillance skills needed in the real world.
This course is for the Warfighter that is in need of a quick refresher course and exercise to maintain the perishable skills needed for surveillance work. It is one day in the classroom and a two-day exercise encompassing foot and vehicle surveillance. It utilizes both urban and rural environments and also counter-elicitation modules. This is not intended for a new student, as it does not teach any new skills, just the basic techniques needed for refresher training before attending the technical surveillance course.