HALO Training (SV-TA-N-0434)

The LD Systems Basic High Altitude Low Opening (HALO) Course is a two week scheduled course of instruction that will take a person from never having jumped from an aircraft in flight to a combat gear laden HALO jump at 14000 feet. This course follows the exact same standards as the US Army Special Forces Basic Military Freefall School Standards. This is a combat infiltration course designed to train you to conduct HALO operations. The student will begin the course with time in the Wind Tunnel under the instruction of US Army Special Forces Military Freefall Instructors and USPA Accelerated Freefall Instructors. The course will then transition to the AFF portion of the course where the student will jump with two instructors guiding him throughout the freefall and coaching under canopy all the way to the ground. Once the student has completed three supervised jumps with two instructors and passed the initial test they will then be conducting freefall jumps with one instructor for the next 5 jumps. This completes the AFF module of the course. Upon successfully passing another gate test the student will then be teamed with another jumper to conduct freefall jumps under the instruction of one instructor. Until they have completed 20 Jumps. The last five freefall jumps will be conducted using MC-4 RAM Air Parachutes or Military Javelin Parachutes with combat equipment and Oxygen equipment. The highest jump will be conducted at 14000 ft AGL. With one night combat equipment jump if the weather and schedule allow. Once the student has completed the HALO course they will receive their “A” License for the United States Parachute Association and an Honorary set of Military HALO wings. Allied Military Forces will receive a set of US Army Basic Military Freefall wings.

Skills Learned;

  • History of HALO
  • Basic Systems and equipment needed to conduct HALO operations
  • Packing and rigging of individual Parachute
  • Canopy Control techniques
  • Exit positions and transitions
  • Body mechanics in freefall
  • Body Stability skills
  • Emergency Procedures for in flight malfunctions
  • Tracking forward
  • 90 Degree turns
  • 360 Degree turns
  • Flying on a heading
  • Formation flying
  • Formation flying while under canopy
  • In flight recovery from unstable flight
  • Parachute landing falls

HAHO Training (SV-TA-N-0435)

Upon completion of the HALO course the student will transition into the tactical standoff infiltration of a target area by means of using the High Altitude High Opening (HAHO) techniques. This course is a 14-day course of instruction that teaches the basic techniques used by SOF personnel to clandestinely infiltrate enemy held territory. The course will evolve from the basic techniques of inflight canopy handling and navigation skills to adding combat equipment and Oxygen systems for a complete night time infiltration of a target area from an altitude of 24,999 MSL with a follow on mission involving rescuing a precious cargo from an enemy held area. The course requires a student to instructor ratio of 1:5 students. All students must be Military Free Fall qualified and on current freefall status or be a recent graduate of our HALO course to attend.