This two day course will provide deploying Warfighters with a strong fundamental base and tools to be able to understand and utilize the effective escalation of force continuum for a given situation. In fighting where weapons are involved, frontal fighting is high risk. It is easier and safer to fight the enemy from behind. Much attention will be paid to getting behind the adversary and fighting from there as well as a comprehensive footwork matrix of considerable tactical flexibility. Small team tactics are addressed. Aspects of the program are designed to be learnable in a condensed amount of time and use high intensity realistic drills to provide stress inoculation. Skills Taught ASP batons Out-of-battery side arms, rifles Sticks Clubs and staffs Empty hands in a weapon-based environment.
This three day course focuses upon initiating close quarters combat, knife& anti-knife survival scenarios, IFWA (in-fight-weapon-access) and capture techniques. It is a continuation and complementary course to the 2 Day Tactical Survivability Course.