This course is an introduction to avalanche risks and how to manage those risks. The course includes a short classroom period followed by: • Introduction to Avalanches (Classroom) • Avalanche Hazard Evaluation (Classroom) • Avalanche Safety Equipment and Rescue (Classroom) • Avalanches: History and Impact on Military Operations (OPTIONAL) • Identification of Avalanche Terrain (Field) • Avalanche Field Tests (Field) • Beacon Searches (Field) • Probing and Shoveling Exercise (Field) • Search and Rescue Exercise (Field) • Final Exercise Scenario (Field)
Our Backcountry Travel/Mountaineering course focuses on the skills that will improve your safety and performance when working, moving, or living in a high altitude mountainous environment. Topics Include: • Risk Management • Intro to Mountain Operations (Terrain, Routes, Weather, Contingencies) • Mountaineering Clothing and Equipment • Water, Nutrition, Personal Hygiene, and Health • Mountain Movement Techniques • Snow/Ice, Glaciers, and Crevasses • Mission Planning for Mountain Operations • Impact of Altitude and Cold Weather on Military Operations *(OPTIONAL FOR MILITARY)
Do you want to get away from the unmarked, ungroomed, and unpatrolled areas? In this course, we teach you the proper and safe techniques for skiing in the backcountry. Our course can be tailored for your level of training/interest. Topics Include: • Backcountry Ski Equipment • Selection and Use • Risk Management/ Route Planning • Uphill Movement • Transitions • Introduction to Ski Mountaineering • Downhill Skiing • Towing Equipment • Advanced Skiing Techniques
Cross – Country Skiing, in addition to a super workout, is a great way to travel across large snowfields. Students will learn and have the opportunity to practice the three main cross-country styles; Classic, Skating, and Telemarking. Our course can be tailored for your level of training/interest. Topics Include: • Cross-Country Ski Equipment • Selection and Use • Cross-Country Styles • Classic, Skating, and Telemarking • Double Pole Kick/Diagonal Stride Techniques • Ascensions • Downhill Skiing • Skating Technique • Herringbone/Sidestep Techniques
Do you prefer Double Black Diamonds or are you more comfortable on the Bunny Hill? No matter what your skill level, we will provide you the skills to confidently descend intermediate to expert slopes. This is a great way to develop and cultivate your skills before a transition to backcountry skiing. As with all Peak Courses, our Downhill Skiing course is tailored to your abilities and requirements. Possible Topics Include: • Equipment • Selection, Fit, and Use • Falls and Recovery • Stopping Techniques • Skating, Linked, and Parallel Turns • Carving, Pole Use • Skiing Moguls • Moving from Blue to Black (Steeper, Harder Slopes)