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LD Systems has the capability to host training at our 1200 acre Training facility in N.C., 19 minutes north of Ft. Bragg N.C., or one of our partnered training facilities in CO, CA, TX or The Philippines.



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Our facility is composed of both rolling hills with open fields and densely forested areas that provide the best training in the South Eastern US. The facility was a working farm in the past and the buildings and support structures are just like that found in the “Real World”. There are no sterilized search areas, no fake props, just what you would find when conducting operations in a third world country. The facility supports many types of training for units to participate in.

The need for realistic training objectives is the highest it has been for units training to go overseas in the past years. Our training facility meets and exceeds that need. Although it is not in a desert environment, it meets all the training objectives for tactical units to conduct realistic scenario based training. With over thirty structures on the site, the “village” is a Platoon size objective with multiple hiding places and defensive positions for an OPFOR to defend for the best scenario based training you can receive. Our past clients have conducted assaults on foot, vehicle and even helicopters.

Need to conduct a HALO infiltration? Our facility supports that as well, we can even supply the aircraft.



[icon size=”extra-small” image=”fa fa-home” url=”” ]  TRAINING AREAS:

Our training facility has multiple training areas. Live fire range training is conducted at our range just minutes away with no zoning restrictions to size and number of weapons, or even the time of day. We are able to conduct day and night live fire training. There are three classrooms with multimedia presentation capability able to seat from 10 to 50 students for classroom presentations. There are 3 Combat Marksmanship tactical Live Fire Bays and a 100M zero range. There are two shoot houses. One is configured as a real home for use with live role players and UTM or Airsoft training and the other is a 13-room 270 degree non-ballistic live fire modular shoothouse.

For Hand to hand Combat training there is a Dojo training area for 20 students with all necessary training aids and safety gear. This training area is currently being used by the world famous Dog Brothers Martial Arts as its east Coast Training facility for DOD training contracts.

Our Tactical Combat Casualty Care Medical training area and Live Tissue Training area are completely secluded from the public with an NPO pen separate from the training area for preparation of models and full Vet support if needed. A tabletop training area for 30 students, with an area available for classroom training that opens directly to the LTT area for complete seclusion, isolation and security is available. Our Medical Instructors are former 18D Special Forces Medics and some teach at the Joint Special Operations Training Center at Ft. Bragg NC. Our trainers provide realistic moulage preparation of live role players that are under strict control of our instructors for the best and most realistic feedback available to our medical students.



[icon size=”extra-small” image=”fa fa-truck” url=”” ]  DRIVING COURSE:

For both Rally and Off-Road driver training our 1200 acres facility is used. With over 5 miles of Rally driving area, the student is able to exercise all components of vehicle dynamics and recovery from emergency driving situations. Our off road obstacle course teaches the basic tasks needed to drive thru or around any obstacle using brake throttle modulation techniques. Our off road and rally training area also lends itself to self recovery drills, bail out under fire drills and Battle Damage Assessment and Repair (BDAR) skills along with overland mobility training conducted in the Sandhills Game lands area.

Our Anti-Terrorism Force Protection driver training is conducted at two sites minutes away from our central training area. For our DOD customers we use an available driver training area that is free of charge because it is a DOD owned facility and is available to all DOD students. For our Non-DOD students we use “The Brick” an abandoned airfield 25 minute west that is large enough to conduct all driving tasks and reach speeds of over 100 mph. Both areas support ramming and PIT maneuver training along with off road recovery and other vehicle dynamics tasks.