LD Systems has an established track record of providing world class training services in a range of fields including; Firearms, Close Quarters Battle, Driving (on and off road), Combat Medical Care, K-9 Training, and Force Protection.  We regularly train Military, Law Enforcement, and Corporate Security firms, and we’ve had the privilege of teaching some of the best in the industry for years.

Our staff of subject matter experts work one on one with clients to ensure that they are receiving and retaining the skills needed to maintain superiority over the opposition.  We utilize a wide range of training platforms, which in turn allows for diverse training.

LD Systems maintains a 1200 acre training facility in North Carolina, just a short distance from Fort Bragg, and have partner facilities in Colorado, California, Texas, and the Philippines. We also have Mobile Training Teams which can travel to you to save training funds. We focus on mastering the basic skills required to excel in high intensity combat situations. Our belief is that training in high stress, realistic situations and environments is the key to success. Repetition is critical to successfully developing critical skills needed for high intensity conflict. We strive to provide training which is relevant, realistic, and focused. Our training team is led by the former Head of U.S. Army Special Forces Advanced Reconnaissance Target Analysis and Exploitation Techniques Course (SFARTAETC), and our team members have over 140 years of Special Operations experience. Many of our instructors also taught at SFARTAETC, which has been the primary proponent of U.S. Army Special Forces Counter-Terrorism and Hostage Rescue doctrine. Our Combat Medical Training Director taught at the Joint Special Operations Medical Training Center (JSOMTC) and our Technical Surveillance Director was an operator in a Tier 1 Unit practicing the same skills he now teaches.