This course is the perfect course for a unit that has had no previous formal driving instruction. This course is a one, two, or three-day course that focuses on driving fundamentals, such as steering wheel input, straight line threshold braking, turning while braking and braking while turning. Vehicle dynamics for sedans is the concentration but can easily be adapted for the HUMVEE and High- center of Gravity vehicles such as Suburban’s and 15 Pac vans.
The HUMVEE Operators course is a forty-hour course that covers employment of the HUMVEE in on- road driving conditions and moves to the off-road driving environment. Use of unit trucks is required so that the operator learns his or her particular trucks and equipment that the unit has. Some subjects covered are PMCS, vehicle dynamics, Battle Damage And Recovery (BDAR), off-road recovery procedures, off-road obstacle clearance, Brake-Throttle modulation, fording, unimproved road driving techniques, and confined space maneuvering of the HUMVEE.
This course teaches advanced driving skills and the basic skills required to maneuver a vehicle out of an attack zone. The student will learn how to recognize, respond and escape from an attack while operating a motor vehicle. The techniques used to counter attacks from either common criminals or organized terrorist groups. This course is excellent for personnel who have been threatened, are traveling in high threat areas of the world, or are designated drivers for executives or high-ranking officials.
The OFF –Road course is designed for the introduction of off-road vehicle dynamics that effect the Warfighter in his mission in the overland mobility scenario. It emphasizes the survivability of the truck,its cargo and passengers for the long duration mission set. Obstacle crossing, Confined space maneuvering, BDAR, Recovery, fording and unimproved road driving. In the 2 day course bail out and maneuver is incorporated to the scenario for force protection measures while doing an over land movement.
Beginner or Expert, either way you will enjoy this course and pick up some skills to make your riding experience safer and more enjoyable. ATV, UTV, motorcycle or a mixture of all, we will tailor the course to your needs. If you need am ATSI certification for your job, we can include that as part of the course. As with all LD courses, we will tailor the course to your needs. Topics could include: • Safe Riding Practices • Basic Maintenance, Field Repairs, Towing, Self Rescue • Turning Skills, Ride Strategies, Emergency Stops and Swerves • Traversing Obstacles • Advanced Hill Techniques/Riding Washes and Ruts • Riding Whoops/Bumps, Drop-Offs, Ledges and Crossing Ditches • Night Riding • Pulling Trailers
Sure, you can tear through the hills on your ATV, UTV, motorcycle or snowmobile but what do you do when you bust an axle or burn a belt miles from anywhere? How about regular maintenance when the nearest dealer is closed. This course is aimed at riders and maintenance personnel that may not have 25-years of experience in the power sport industry and is a factory certified technician for Honda, Polaris, Yamaha, and Skidoo. The course is tailored for your equipment and skill level and may include the following topics: • Tools for the Field • Basic Pre-Operation Checks/Operator Maintenance • Cables and Controls • Wheels, Wheel Bearings, Spokes, Axles, and Tires • Suspension Checks, Adjustments, and Repairs • Drive Belts, Chains, and Tracks • Engines, Drivetrain, Brakes, and Electrical System