A Designated Marksman is a soldier with above average marksmanship and is equipped with accurate weapons and optics, used to engage and neutralize deadly force threat targets of opportunities in support of small units. This course consists of in-depth instruction on marksmanship fundamentals, known distance shooting, moving target engagement, ballistics, limited visibility engagement. Threat response, Methods of Engagement, Immediate action drills for Threat Mitigation, shooting from cover/concealment and advanced shooting positions.
The Introduction Sniper Course is a 20-day course designed to teach novice sniper students the basic skills needed to conduct Sniper/Observer duties in support of small unit operations. The course focuses on to two main areas of instruction sniper marksmanship and field craft. The course consists of in-depth instruction on marksmanship fundamentals, unknown distance shooting, moving target engagement, ballistics, and limited visibility engagement. While building those skills, and then focuses on field craft, which consists of in-depth instruction on range estimation, target detection, stalking, photography, information reporting and hide site construction.
The 3 and 5 day Aerial Sniper Course develops advanced skills for the Sniper Team that has already been trained in basic Sharpshooter and Sniper operations. This course begins with basic aircraft familiarization procedures and takes the student to a point where they are engaging targets from a moving aircraft up to 20knts. The only difference in the 5-day course is the amount of flight time given to students.
The LD High Altitude Long Distance Rifle Range has an average elevation of 6500′, multiple target positions with up to 20 degrees up or down hill engagement angles and an unimpeded known distance lane our to 1500 meters. 6100′-6950′ Elevation Barometric Pressure Change +/- 1.5″ in a day On Site Cabin AR500 Steel Silhouettes and reactive targets Cross-Valley (low or no mirage) 1500-2000 meter lane