///Assault Launcher Max

Assault Launcher Max

The Assault Launcher Max is a high performance line thrower specifically designed for tactical teams.

Spec Sheet
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This rugged aluminum launcher is manufactured for use in the most extreme maritime and urban environments to deploy a line, a grappling hook and climbing line, or a grappling hook and tactical ladder.


  • Non-pyrotechnic, reusable, and refillable air-thrust technology
  • 4,500 psi / 300 bar service pressure line projectile
  • “Always on” safety mechanism
  • Length (Folding Stock Closed): 16.8″ (42.5 cm)
  • Length (Folding Stock Open): 28.7″ (72.9 cm)
  • Weight: 4.4 lbs (2.0 kg)
  • Maximum Distance:
    • Climbing Line Horizontal: 330 ft / 100 m
    • Climbing Line + Hook Vertical: 165 ft / 50 m
    • 20 m Tactical Ladder + Hook: Fully Deployed
  • Multi-Shot Capacity


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