Flare Gun

The Orion Alerter Basic flare gun contains 4 high performance flares which burn at 16,000 candela for 7 seconds to help with signaling or rescue.

Spec sheet
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This flare gun is sold individually or as part of the Coastal Alerter Kit, which contains aerial, visual, and sound signals for day and night signaling. The kit includes a 12-gauge safety launcher with a bandolier that can hold up to 6 high-performance signals, a SOLAS-approved whistle, a signal mirror, and a storage case.


  • 12-gauge flare launcher
  • 4 high-performance red aerial flares
  • Flares burn at 16,000 candela for 7 seconds
  • Maximum elevation: 500′ (152 m)

Coastal Alerter Kit Features

  • 6 high-performance red aerial flares
  • Whistle with lanyard rated at 116 db at 1 m
  • Non-corrosive signal mirror with viewfinder and lanyard
  • Neoprene floating storage case



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